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A dreamful idea in the moment has sparked a revolution. And, here Dessein Lab, nurturing a dream is just getting started to bring a revolutionary change in the world of digitalization. From inception to completion, Dessein Lab team believes in digitalization and innovation. We exist to help other businesses bring their digital ideas to life by connecting them to the right software engineering talent and setting up & maintaining a high level of their delivery.

Our visionary desire is to obtain supremacy in the IT Industry of Bangladesh and We dream to create one of the best IT based Work stations, consistent transfer with clients, and supplier of Tech-savvy workers in IT based freelancing field worldwide.

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Dessein Lab IT Institute

Dessein Lab, along with its digital solutions, has started another wing named Dessein Lab IT Institute to transform human resources, predominantly youth to skilled professionals to improve lives & change people’s working patterns by providing outsourcing training to make a huge impact on National revenue from earning online.

Our Courses

To bring out efficient valuation in every employable profile, Here is our structured IT and Freelancing courses are offering as followings

Graphic Design

৳ 6000


3 Month Course

  • Design with Adobe Photoshop
  • Design Adobe Illustrator
  • Typography & Color Control
  • Mockup Presentation
  • Portfolio Creation
  • Freelancing Guideline
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Wev Design

৳ 6000


3 Month Course

  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript,Jquery
  • Front End Development
  • Portfolio Creation/li>
  • Freelancing Guideline
  • Start project

Web Development

৳ 10000


4 Month Course

  • Object Oriented PHP
  • My SQL Database
  • Web Application
  • Project Management
  • Wordpress
  • Freelancing Guideline
  • Start project

Digital Marketing

৳ 6000


3 Month Course

  • Social Media Marekting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Contain Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Freelancing Guideline
  • Start project

To believe in a borderless world with equal opportunities for everyone, Our target is to bridge the gap between global and local marketplace and skill gapping in the middle of Supply and demand with providing our affordable skill development IT courses. With the continuation of Bangladesh Government works to attain the goal of Digital Bangladesh, Bangladeshi freelancing field is exponentially growing at a very high pace and race. As a result, recently, Bangladesh has marked 2nd largest source of freelancing worldwide. With this legacy, Bangladesh government has been taken an initiative to establish 28 Hi-tech Parks countrywide which will have been demanding a bulk of IT based skilled workers for upcoming years. As IT and Freelancing sector are already shaping the future of Bangladesh, it is a monumental opportunity and a tremendous honour for Dessein Lab IT Institute to be able to serve the nation in this potential sector with an accountability and credibility On a serious note, as of now Bangladesh has been passing ages of Demographic Dividend to raise our economy growth to the ultimate height worldwide. So that It is high time for us to utilise our youths to turn our human numbers into human resources with the help of IT knowledges and Skillsets. Hence, Keeping in mind the motto - "নিজের গরজেই হোক কর্মসংস্থান". Dessein Lab IT Institute has been initiated to train youth of our country about IT and Freelancing to be empowered in their employability with the schooling of our Techie Instructors. To bring out efficient valuation in every employable profile, Here is our structured IT and Freelancing courses are offering as followings1. Graphics Design 2. Web Design 3. Web Development 4. Digital Marketing So, Please keep each and everyone feet firmly grounded when it comes to valuation in your employable profile and with that food of thoughts, Let's build our nation altogether.

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